Here are some interesting and useful resources, mostly for cello.

These guys make an amazing wolf eliminator that does the job and doesn’t kill your sound. They’re pricey but very much worth it.

Krentz String Works

Video Demonstration

Since it is so expensive to try to break out of the Larsen, Larsen, Spirocore, Spirocore setup and try other things, it’s nice to find the results of extensive experiments online. I’ve compiled some of them here.

This company has compiled a handy chart of the string tensions of the most popular cello strings. Additionally, their website has great string reviews and other misc. cello related articles.

String Tensions

I bit the bullet and purchased a custom case for my unusual Richelme, over-sized egg-shaped cello from Alan Stevenson in Norwich, UK. I was already visiting the UK so I made a visit to the shop and had to twice confirm the unusual dimensions of my cello, which I did not have with me. I cannot recommend Alan Stevenson’s cases enough. Though they are a bit pricier than BAM or Accord cases, they are really designed to last and can be easily repaired. Why spend $1500+ every few years on a cello case that splinters or the trim falls off when you can invest a bit more for a case that should last a lifetime.

My recommended cello case

I’ve taken a few Alexander Technique lessons on cello and even with that relatively introductory study, I’ve felt incredible changes in my physical health as a cellist. Here is a nice comprehensive article about Alexander Technique and the cello.

Alexander Technique and the Cello