Gurrisonic photos

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Last Thursday a bunch of us spent the entire day at The Bridge recording studio in Glendale to record the new album for Gurrisonic. The whole experience was additionally documented on camera and the photos came out today. Check them out at Farah Sosa’s page, especially an awesome one of my bow hand and bare foot.


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Here is are a few tracks I recorded a few years ago with Sara Lov  and Zac Rae. We did quite a few pieces for the Young Eyes ep and Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming, but these have lasted all these years in my memory.

Personally, they evoke memories of a very difficult time in my life but act to soothe those memories.

Why Can’t I Be – Young Eyes Ep

Rock Camp for Girls Featured Volunteer!

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Hey, look guys! I’m a featured volunteer on the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls website! This is a very proud moment for me, I’ve been at this gig for years!

But seriously, if you haven’t participated by volunteering, donating or simply attending the end of camp showcase, you are missing out on a high dosage of inspiration delivered via excited and inspired kids. It is the highlight of my summer, for sure.


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Marisa Demeglio and I have been busy as usual, creating strange soundscapes as Cardoo.

You can also follow our work on Soundcloud.

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Here is a link to my Soundcloud profile. It is somewhat organized and all encompassing, meaning if I have the recording to post, I post it. Much of it is unedited, raw, free-improvisation. Mistakes, ugly notes and awkward moments are all here to hear.

Some short pieces

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Here are some short pieces.