A lot has changed for me in the past couple years, most notably that I am moving into a completely different career path. Right now I’m working in post on a film at Sony that I am thrilled to be a part of. The crew I’m working with are all smart, capable and kind people at the top of their professions and I’ve learned a lot from them so far.

Additionally, this job has afforded me some organized down-time in which I have been writing (a little music but mostly words). My interests have steered towards production management, with storytelling as a new hobby. I’ve decided this is a much healthier lifestyle for me where I am getting the human contact I need but without the emotionally exhausting cost of self-promotion.

I don’t expect anyone to follow this blog and sometimes I’ll write things that maybe I don’t want anyone to see. I’m working on a few projects of my own but have put my personal story on the front burner and I am finding it very difficult to write. Not because I don’t know what to say, but because I’m confronting things that I avoid thinking about on a regular basis. But I think if you want to write a compelling story that will also be a cathartic experience for yourself, then you need to get a little uncomfortable.

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